We believe that sustainability is a game-changer.

    It means re-inventing & building future proof organisations

    that are more profitable, resilient, circular & restorative



    Leading organisations understand that sustainability

    is about doing more good, not less bad.


    The world needs new ideas and less theory.

    This is where we can help.



    Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth

    In system thinking, leverage points are the places within a system where a small shifts can induce big changes in the whole system. We believe that in organizations people's perception of sustainability is a critical leverage point. Working on how teams perceive and experience the sustainability challenges is therefore an efficient way in inducing the shift needed for the implementation of ambitious sustainability programs.

    Driving change is about building better alternatives

    We believe that change is first and foremost driven by the desire to go somewhere better. Rather than changing out of fear or necessity, we work with you to envision a better somewhere.

    Top down - bottom-up: get everybody aligned

    Implementing sustainability strategies implies being at the heart of the interdisciplinarity, usually stretching between different departments and projects. Dealing with a great variety of skills, interest and understandings. This diversity is a wonderful strength once everybody is aligned and shares a common perception. We help you in consolidating great teams around a common perception of circular and restorative business.


    Change is not only a question of analytics and strategies, but also about connecting to people’s emotions to spark actions that lead to successful adaptations.


  • Services

    Experience the circular economy

    A serious game for companies, educators and policy makers.


    Do you have what it takes in to win in the economy of the future?



    Explore the potential of your circular business model

    Discover in which way your organisation can benefit and use the creative input of your colleagues to develop new circular economy idea's in a playful way.



    Engage your team

    Discover how biomimicry could inspire your organisation. A tailored made multi-day mind-shifting team building program.



  • Experience the circular economy


    Get your colleagues on board and discover the opportunities of doing business in the circular economy through our engaging board game. Each team manages it's own company in the imaginary futuristic city of SymbioVille. Do you have what it takes to grow your business and win in the circular economy?


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  • The concept of waste does not exist in nature;

    all resources are re-cycled indefinitely in a closed loop.


    This is what the circular economy is about

  • Explore the potential of your

    circular business model

    Built better business models that are more circular, profitable and resilient. Discover in which way your organisation can benefit and use the creative input of your colleagues to develop new circular economy idea's in a playful way.


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  • Engage your team

    Willing to explore something new, seeding in your organisation and your teams the taste for disruptive innovations and sustainability as game changing strategy? Interested in mixing the fun, with breathtaking outdoor activities and a critical reflection on how your organisation/ teams critical challenges? Or simply searching for the new cool team building of this year?


    We propose you the chance to live a multi-days tailored made program to explore how biomimicry could inspire your organisation. 2 days in amazing places surrounded by amazing nature under the guidance recognised european experts in biomimicry.


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  • What others are saying

    About our serious gaming experiences

    "Great icebreaker! A fun journey learning more about circular economy and my classmates."

    Anais Dangeot, PhD student Tias-Nimbas

    "An unexpected really really good time!"

    Sofia Minguilton

    "A cooperative and both competitive game."

    George Detsis, Electrical Engineering student

    "The game is both fun and stimulating. It is a very nice way to make people think together."

    Nesha Ramful, PhD student Tias-Nimbas

  • About

    About sustainability, a business game-changer

    We believe in the capacity of business to solve key challenges of our 21th century. Ambitious sustainability strategies are game-changers, leading the way to creation of more value & profits, disruptive innovations, strong organisation cultures, higher talent acquisition and retention, better market penetration and overall resilience.

    About biomimicry

    Biomimicry (bio=life, mimesis = imitate) has been recognized as one of the most promising approaches in addressing current societal challenges. It takes advantage of living technologies and systems, selected by 3.8 billion years of evolution and adaptation in order to develop new innovative and sustainable products, services and organizational models.

    About systems thinking

    Systems thinking is the capacity to understand and act upon the larger context in which you are operating as an organisations. It's about understanding the opportunities and challenges. It's about thinking inside the box, a bigger box.

    About us

    Actively involved since several years in the promotion of Biomimicry, the Shift21 team has a recognised expertise in inspiring, designing and guiding the development of new approaches to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested designs and strategies.

  • Changing the game is a mindset*.

  • Impact first

    We always strive for the best.

    Impact first

    We are driven by a genuine motivation in doing our bits and contribute the best we can to tackle the current environmental challenges.


    We choose to help others to shift and adopt new models because we strongly believe that people do have the most impact when they do what they love and freely express their talents. Initiating change, inspiring people and helping them is what we love to do, are good at and therefore believe it is where we can have the biggest impact.


    As non-for-profit, our mission and goal are not driven by the profit and we do not want it to be a barrier in providing our services and helping any organization shift.

    We apply a mindful-contribution-model where we operate in complete transparency. In exchange for our services you get to freely choose the amount to be invoiced; in regard to your financial capabilities and mindfully considering our value delivered to you.


    Curious to know what we can do for your organisation or event?

    Or just interested to learn more?

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    *Robert Rodriguez

    Team icon by Roy Verhaag via thenounproject.com